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Those who be worth to rejoice is

I’m here to sell some to you! I don’t know about you, but my holiday season in January. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in 4 days (hint hint! Just kidding. Or, I have a winter vacation benefits, but feel from the school and I were in that when I will even make a countdown to a day after Christmas.

Of course, I do not hurry to Christmas day, but I rushed my second favourite hockey calendar, began on December 26, : world youth championships. Of course, when you think about it, WJC is the Canadian and WC is Europe, but this does not mean that ice hockey fans in the United States should not give the world youth also have the opportunity.
Those who be worth to rejoice is, for those who desire to some holiday hockey, in 2010, the United States in Canada gold medal. In 2011, they won the bronze medal. And we won’t talk about what happened in 2012.


Michigan will return to its seven ranked in the top 10 scorer

Wolverine, he finished in second place in the regular season, return letterwinners 20, to bring them to 22 continuous NCAA championships. Included in this list is a pair of, was nominated for the pre-season all conference team, and primary Jon merrill lynch was nominated for a team and senior lee Moffie obtain representative selection.

Michigan will return to its seven ranked in the top 10 scorer, including last season’s rookie of the year, alex, Guptill coordinate the team leader in scoring a season ago, incision 16 goals and 33 points. Notre Dame DE Paris also back to 20 letterwinners from 2011-12 season, this makes the Irish finish eighth meeting. Irish return to their top two scorers in the primary striker T.J. Tynan, last season’s score, anders lee company champions. Both are CCHA preseason all meetings a team selection and combination 30 goals last season and 75 points.

Broncos is defending champion CCHA mason and return to 15 letterwinners, including three CCHA preseason first team all meetings choice: primary chase Balisy in forward, primary Dan defense, they Slubowski sophomore frank in target. West Michigan to return to their Balisy best attack line, primary shane Berschbach and senior Dane walters. This combination of three 98 runs scored 39 goals and last season, it accounts for almost a third of the broncos scores.